15. mei 2020
Ben je gedwongen om je bruiloft te verplaatsen naar 2021 door de huidige omstandigheden? Misschien is dit helemaal niet nodig!
Updates! · 12. mei 2020
Acht weken quarantaine. Acht weken zijn we al verplicht geweest om in ons kot te zitten. Maar niemand zei dat je daarom stilt moest zitten! Ikzelf ben een bezig bij die nooit of te nimmer ‘niets’ kan doen. Dat draait meestal uit op bezig zijn met duizend en één dingen en een ellenlange to do-list. Door de huidige omstandigheden werd ik net als velen verplicht om het even rustiger aan te doen. Ik keerde terug uit de Franse Alpen, tal van foto- & video opdrachten werden geannuleerd of...
Wedding stories · 11. april 2020
Maura & Tim actually booked me as a videographer to capture their wedding in summer 2020. But they wanted to get officially married on another day, and asked me if I wanted to be the photographer of their official ceremony. Ofcourse! They managed to replace cityhall with the amazing castle situated in the middle of my hometown Ghent, to raise the fairytale level of the day some more. We started the day with a first look on a quiet spot near the river. Things got quite emotional when Maura...
Wedding stories · 07. april 2020
Last september I shot a crazy and wonderful destination wedding on the Mexican beach.
Portrait sessions · 01. april 2020
A photostory of an epic coupleshoot in Ikea.
Wedding stories · 28. maart 2020
The magical winterwedding of Sophie & Bob and their engagementsession!
Wedding stories · 24. maart 2020
A few tips for fellow photographers how to land jobs abroad, or even in different continents. Also included is the story how I got to shoot a traditional Javanese wedding with its full photostory!
Wedding stories · 22. maart 2020
A photostory of two beautiful souls.
Portrait sessions · 20. maart 2020
How we organised a styled bridal shoot with an all female team and received 2 publications with it!
18. december 2018
Yes, you read that right! I am giving away one free photo session! Just, because! Well okay, maybe the holidays have something to do with my generous mood. You can find the original post of the giveaway at the bottom of this blogpost! It's time for a giveaway! The holidays are right around the corner and I want to treat my sweet followers with a gift as well! To celebrate my fairly new instagrampage and my facebookpage almost reaching 4 digits, I wanted to do something special. That's why you...

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