frequently asked questions


  • Do you also offer gift certificates?

I absolutely do! Any kind of photosession can be booked through a gift certificate. A couplesession, familysession, body positivity session or wedding, anything can be turned into a gift certificate! You can order any kind of session you would like to give through this link & I'll send you the certificate beautifully wrapped, so you can hand it over yourself!

  • How long have you been a photographer/videographer?

I've been using a professional camera for 10 years. I have been working as a professional photographer & videographer for 6 years now.

  • When can I expect a response on my e-mail?

It sometimes gets a little hectic, running your own business. But I try to get back as fast as I can on e-mails! It mostly takes me 3 days maximum to get back to you. If it takes me longer than a week, feel free to send me a reminder because the e-mail might got lost!

  • I don’t like getting my picture taken. Is a photosession boring or scary?


I get this question a lot. It is normal that you’re not used to having a camera pointed at you and that it might make you uncomfortable. But I try to make it as fun and familiar as possible and you will forget the camera in no time! I will give you all kinds of assignments to create spontaneous moments, that you won’t even have time to focus on the camera.

  • What about travel expenses?

The travelexpenses are included in the total price for weddings, and for sessions it is included if the session is within 20km of Ghent. After that I ask a rate of 0,5€/km. I try to be as transparant as possible so there are no hidden costs!

  • What happens if the weather is bad?

If we planned a photosession in an outdoors location, changes are the weather might not be great. Especially in Belgium. If it is cloudy, the session can still continue because a cloudy sky actually provides more beautiful light than harsh sunlight. But when it rains & pours, the photosession can be rescheduled to a later date without extra costs. Unless you want a romantic photosession in the rain, ofcourse!

  • What happens if you get sick or injured?

I rarely get sick, but accidents can always occur. If I am not able to photograph our session because of health reasons I will let you know as soon as possible, so we can reschedule the session in time.

  • Do you send unedited images or footage?

I do not. I believe nowadays editing creates emotion, atmosphere and a significant style that you love. Sending raw footage would take away that magic.

But if you insist on having those for a particular reason, reach out and we will see what I can do for an extra cost.

  • Can we buy an album with the photos?

Absolutely! Print really makes your photos come to live, so an album is the perfect way to relive the session. Your photos will be delivered in a personal online gallery. Through that gallery you have the possibility of ordering an album with your favourite photos! Prints, calendars and other products are also available in the shop.

I also offer a package for each session that includes prints & albums. This way you have a better price than ordering it afterwards! 

  • What if you lose the photos?


I have a solid back-up system that prevents me from losing imagefiles because of corrupt cards or crashed hard drives. During photographing the photos are also saved automatically on two memory cards at the same time. But in the unlikely event of me losing the original imagefiles before delivering the finished photos to you, you will ofcourse get a full refund of the session.

  • I lost the photos of our photosession. Can I ask to resend them?

Absolutely! The finished photos will be stored forever so I can resend them to you anytime. The original files will be stored for 1 year. So if you would want to ask for a particular photo, that is possible up to one year after the photosession.

  • How long do you keep the original images?

I keep the original files for year. So it is possible until one year after the photosession to ask for any specific images that didn’t make the selection.



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Couple & Family & Body Positivity sessions


  • When do you deliver the photos?


 Your personal gallery will be ready within 2 weeks!

  • What do we wear on our session?

Don't worry. I made special guides for couple, family & body positivity shoots that include a 'What to wear' section with suggestions. I've got you!

  • Can you film and photograph at the same time?


 I cannot. It is not fysically possible and it would also make me miss a lot of oppertunities and creative ideas. When you hire me for a combination session of photography & videography, I shoot them both seperately. That's why these sessions take a little longer than only photography or videography.


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Badass Boss Babe sessions


  • Are the badass boss babes session only for women?

I focus on female entrepreneurs, because I think their story is so powerful and inspiring and I recognize myself in them. But I do not discriminate on gender. So if you’re a male entrepreneur looking for a brandingshoot to boost your business, feel free to contact me and we can work something out!

  • When do you deliver the photos?

Your personal gallery will be ready within 2 weeks!

  • Can you film and photograph at the same time?


I cannot. It is not fysically possible and it would also make me miss a lot of oppertunities and creative ideas. When you hire me for a combination session of photography & videography, I shoot them both seperately. That's why these sessions take a little longer than only photography or videography.


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Weddings & elopements


  • When should we plan the photosession during our weddingday?

How you organise your weddingday or elopement is completely up to you! But if the plans are not final yet, I can give you some tips. It is best not to plan the photosessino of the two of you at noon. The light is very harsh and unflattering and it is also the hottest part of the day. When possible, try to book the photosession in the morning before your guests arrive and the important day begins. It’s a lovely moment for just the two of you, enjoying eachothers company and love.

  • Can you help us plan our elopement?


Hell yes, I can! Did you know I actually took a course as a travelagent as well because I am so fond of planning adventures? I would love to help you create an experience that totally fits you two in the perfect location. Send me an e-mail and we’ll get in touch!

  • Do you also do destination weddings?

Hell yeah! There are little things that I love to do more!

I already photographed in many different countries & continents and I can help you plan your wedding abroad. Whether you're thinking about a wedding in the mountains or on a tropical island, I will follow you everywhere!

  • Do you work with a second shooter?

I do. I work with a team of second shooters so there is always someone available to join me to shoot your big day. A second shooter for both photography and videography is possible.

  • Can you film and photograph at the same time?

I cannot. It is not fysically possible and it would also make me miss a lot of oppertunities and creative ideas. You can hire me for photography or videography, and I can certainly bring another creative do to the other! More information about that in my packages.

  • What is your rate?

All my packages are listed in a beautiful pricing guide. Send me an e-mail to receive this guide!

  • How far in advance are you booked?


Weddings & elopements are usually booked a year, a year and a half in advance. These are mostly on saturdays or fridays. However, I always have some open spots available so it can’t hurt to contact me to ask!

  • What if the wedding gets canceled?

I am very sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, that is why I work with deposits. When booking me as your wedding photographer/videographer, a standard deposit of 200 euro is asked to reserve your date. If the wedding is off due to personal reasons, the deposit will not be returned. That is because chances are high I turned down another couple wanting to book me for their wedding on the same day. If the wedding cannot continue as planned because of a pandemic, contact me with your doubts. We can work something out.

  • When do you deliver the photos?

Your wedding gallery will be delivered within 1 month!

  • Do you shoot weddings of other religions?


I do. I have had the oppertunity to shoot Christian & Muslim weddings in the past, so I am comfortable with the elements of this religion. But I am ofcourse open and curious to any form of religion so I’d be happy to be present at your ceremony however it looks like!


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