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Hello! I’m Nikki Lucy, a visual storyteller from Belgium. Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I want to take a second to thank you for considering me as your photographer or videographer. It means the world to me & I hope we are a match! Some facts about me coming right up.


I love long hikes, snowboard- or surfsessions, followed by a campfire (preferably with a few beers). 
I challenge myself to buy stuff secondhand as much as possible, so I proudly call myself a thriftqueen. I am convinced I can eat my bodyweight in springrolls and I’m very fond of mexican food as well! We live on a magnificent planet and I try to take care of Mother Natch by choosing sustainable options as much as I can. I am also crazy about animals in all forms & shapes and therefore am a vegetarian. So no worries, I am not afraid of your dog. I will probably be best friends with them! Travelling is my second nature, that’s why I spend most of the winters on a snowboard in the French Alps. In my spare time, I hop in my converted Vivaro van Wanda and go into nature.


I love to spend as much time as possible outdoors, that is also why I do not work in a studio. I see it as a challenge to scout new locations every day and stay creative. So if you’re in for an adventurous hike or climbing session to get to your photolocation, just holla at me!


Last but not least, I live to capture the stories of strong women. I want to support ambitious women with beautiful images of their professional & personal life. Spontaneous photos or videos that truly show who you are, to lift your business to the next level or to treasure those important moments in life with your family or partner. And to show you that everybody is beautiful in their own way, especially you.

Making you look good, that is my mission.


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If you have any questions or would like some more information, feel free to send me an e-mail.

 I hope to see you soon in front of my camera!


trouw gent elopement dokken noord fotograaf


"During a shoot with Nikki it never feels like you're doing a photoshoot.
Everything is so relaxed and fun, with spontaneous photos as a result!
She's so good at what she does and we are superhappy with the photos."

- Maura & Tim

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I’ve been lucky enough to have captured love in 3 continents so far. From crazy Indonesia, all the way to tropical Mexico. Do you have any plans to get married outside of Belgium, or are you also a traveler and would like to book a session on an exotic location? Check out my traveldates and we might cross paths!

Book me during one of my travels & the travelfee is on the house!


July: Switzerland
August: Kazachtstan
September/Octobre: British Colombia, Canada

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