Vanlife elopement in Dolomites, Italy

Daniel & Snigdha were planning to travel in their van for a few months from Sweden to Greece, and wherever the road would take them.

They would pass by the magnificent Dolomites mountainrange, where they made a special stop at beautiful Lago di Landro!



adventurous ELopement in the dolomites

They were both got ready in their cute, unique van called, when all of a sudden a storm came closer.

It rained & it poured, so they made it cosy inside the van whilest waiting for the rain to stop.


After a while the weather got better and it actually created unique mist & clouds over the mountains & Lago Di Landro. All the other cars had left, so they had the lake & the view to themselves. Snigdha put on her bright pink sneakers and we headed closer to the lake so they could exchange their vows on a magical spot!



Campfire by the van to end the beautiful elopement day

When it got darker we drove to a nice camping spots where they parked their van.
They popped a bottle of champagne & made a cozy campfire to roast marshmellows.

What a beautiful day 💛



Want to see the entire photostory of this unique elopement? Scroll down & enjoy!


Fellow photographer/ stylist: Tonya Miriam

Florist: La Fleur Douce

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