Pregnancy session & family session in the botanical garden & a sparkling dress

I met Aude during the first lockdown in 2020. I created a project in which I explored my hometown taking photos of & interviewing the citizens behind the windows of their homes. She told me she runs her own theater company and we talked for a long time. Her sons are the cutest twins ever & were superenthusiastic to pose for the project! We kept on talking and during summer Aude contacted me that she was pregnant. We planned a pregnancy session combined with the entire family. So if you think of it, this session was a body-positivity session, a couple session & family session all at once!
Aude was around 30 weeks pregnant in January, so the session had to take place in the middle of winter. So I suggested to go to the botanical garden in Meise, where it is nicely warm & superbeautiful. She had a beautiful dress made by StikStof Atelier, just for this session!


We had a lot of laughs & so much fun, as you can see in the photos!

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