Empowerment portrait sessions

Celebrate who you are. Celebrate your body & what you look like. Celebrate being a woman. Celebrate your uniqueness. Because there is only one version of you, and that is your biggest strength.

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A what?

A empowerment portrait session is perfect for:

✓ women who want to treat themselves with beautiful pictures

 aspiring models who want to boost their portfolio with professional photos

 women who want to capture their beautiful pregnancy belly

 ladies that want to surprise their partner with an artistic lingerie set


I already booked 2 shoots with Nikki & I am already looking forward to our next session!

She is honest, open minded, lovely and a great photographer! She puts you at ease and has a lot of talent.

– Luna

An empowerment portrait session can be anything you are comfortable with. It can be a portraitsession at a unique location, or an intimate boudoirsession indoors. It is possible to book a photosession with wonderful pictures as a result, but also a videosession where we create a video full of emotions.

how does it work?



A photosession like this is all about being comfortable. It is so important to trust your photographer, so I try to be as transparant as possible about my process. When you book a session with me, we talk about your wishes and the possiblities. When the date & location are set, the fun begins!


At the beginning of the session, we start with a coffee and getting to know each other a bit. When everyone is feeling comfortable, it’s time for the shooting extravaganza! It might start a little awkward, but that’s the case for everyone. In no time you will feel like a badass, pinkypromise!

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A Empowerment portrait session with souvenirs: €325


1,5 hour of fun!

A phonecall or virtual brainstorm

15 finished images within 2 weeks


Different outfits & locations possible


Personal cheerleading by me


Surprise album worth 150


Incl. BTW & first 20km range from Ghent

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"Nikki both makes pretty photos & makes you feel comfortable. And she also makes you laugh a lot!

I really recommend her, she does a great job and has so much passion."

- Gwenny

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An Empowerment portrait session: €225


1,5 hour of fun!

A phonecall or virtual brainstorm

15 finished images within 2 weeks


Different outfits & locations possible


Personal cheerleading by me


Incl. BTW & first 20km range from Ghent

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The finished images of your session will be delivered in your personal online gallery.

You will receive about 60 images, where you can select your 20 favourites and download in high resolution.

Can’t seem to choose your favourites? It is possible to buy extra photos from the gallery if you like!

Price per extra photo: €7

Price per extra 20 photos: €90


Travelcosts are 0,5/km. The first 20km from Ghent are included in the price.

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Your beautiful photos don't belong on a screen. They disappear in a folder on a hard drive and don't really come to live. A physical album makes the photos come alive and it's also a great conversation starter when you have company and the album is on the coffeetable. What is more fun than bringing up memories with loved ones?


Photo albums have a soul unlike photos on a screen. At familygatherings we often ask the question: "What would you save when the house burned down?" and the answer is without a doubt: “our photo albums". In an album, photos turn into memories. And what is more precious than that?


I cannot remember how many times already I have had resend photos to clients because their harddrive crashed or a USB-stick got lost. Do you think you would ever lose a big ass, beautiful book that you look in & show to people frequently? I don't think so!


A surprise photo album is included in the Souvenir package!


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