Engagementsession in Ikea!

 Sharon & Kjell. They will marry in summer 2020 and were quite early to eagerly book there date with me! When we met for a talk, we immediately hit it off. A lot of laughs and passionate talk about the French Alps later, they told me where the two of them had their first date. Ikea. And they would like to have their engagementphotos taken in there as well. I couldn’t believe what I heard and screamed out HELL YES!


This was going to be a huge challenge because Ikea is usually filled with people and doesn’t have the best light situation, but I was so excited to do this!

We just figured to walk around a little bit first and stop in corners that we thought looked nice. After a while they were all warmed-up and enthousiastically jumped on the beds and everything. I never shot an engagementsession where I laughed so hard as with this one.


We shot in the kids department, on a fake balcony, they had a deskchair race,…. To sum up, this really was an epic shoot. I won’t keep you in suspense any longer, enjoy the photos below and I hope it shows how much fun we had!



Thank you Sharon & Kjell, for being such an amazing couple to think outside the box!

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    Kjell & Sharon (dinsdag, 07 april 2020 20:32)

    Thank you so much for this awesome shoot! We were so happy that you were so enthusiastic about Ikea as our engagement shoot location! You made us feel comfortable immediately and like you said in the blog, we had a lot of fun! The pictures could not have turned out better. Can't wait to have you shoot our wedding! XoXo