Dias de los muertes in Belgium

Fall is my favourite season of the year. Not only because of the beautiful colours that appear in nature, but because the holidays officialy start. And Halloween kicks off the season as the coolest of them all! Every year in October my creative juices start flowing and I simply have to do something to celebrate halloween in my own way. It can be by carving pumkins or experimenting with special effect make-up, but this year I got the extra time and oppertunity to create an amazing halloweenthemed photoseries!

Silke & Kieran, who are the models in this session, came up with a Dias De Los Muertes-themed photoshoot. I was hooked the second I heard it and we got started. I messaged Joyce to work her magic on the make-up, opened up my special closet full of wonders for the headpiece, chestpiece and dress, while Kieran's outfit was provided by Vintage Factory in Ghent. I stumbled upon a farm that sold pumpkins and it turned out to be the perfect setting for this session!
We used every corner of the farm to shoot and all the elements came together perfectly.

An absolute dreamphotosession this was!
Hope you enjoy the photoset 


Photographer: Nikki Lucy
Models: Silke & Kieran (@silkyrontheroad)

Mua: Joyce Denoyette
Assistance: Stef Debonne

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