Bohowedding of Laura & Dieter

 Dieter & Laura. I’ve known these two for a few years now, but mainly from a distance through social media. I know they are fantastic people with a love for good music and everything that lives and breathes. When Laura sent me a message wondering if I could shoot their wedding past summer, I was superthrilled to be part of it!


Laura & Dieter have been together for many many years, but when you meet up with them you can see that they still look like two crazy teenagers madly in love. When I came over to have a little chat, they asked me to stay for there homecooked dinner. I asked if they could just adopt me right away.


We had a little roadtrip to shoot their engagementphotos in the blossoms, which turned out to be a superfun day.


And a few months later the big day arrived. They got officially married in a beautiful castle and spent the rest of the afternoon surrounded by nature and loved ones. It truely was a beautiful day, and I wish these beautiful people all the happiness in the world!


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