Styled bridal shoot & publication

I started last year with a few resolutions, especially businesswise. Things were looking quite bright and I wanted to take every chance that came on my path. Next to grabbing chances, I also wanted to create chances. For myself, and others.


I have been shooting with models for years. That is how I got my portfolio going in the beginning, and I started working with more professional models in the years to follow. Through those shoots I also got used to working with make-up artists & hairstylists and even designers from time to time. But I wanted to organise a shoot that was of another level.


I wanted to organise a completely styled bridal shoot with as many vendors as possible. And more importantly, female vendors only. This project was all about girl-power and female driven companies. That is also why we chose to only work with a female couple to completely put the focus on her, and not go for a classic couple styled shoot.


I contacted a lot of vendors and after some trial & errors, I managed to get a kickass team of amazing entrepreneurs together. We all worked together very well and every decision was taken with the team.


In April, we made a roadtrip with 2 cars coming from 2 cities and met at the magnificent location at the other side of the country. It was a beautiful hot day, and the make-up and hair was done right before the sun started setting. We hurried to the location and started shooting like a maniac. We had so much fun!


I am so incredibly happy to have met these ladies and there are already new collaborations coming from this original project, what I can only applaud!


The final results have been published on blogs like Trouwplannen.nl & Salino.


Hope you enjoy them as well!


List of kickass vendors:


Florist: Judith Coffé (Bouquetboho)

Dress designer: Lola Cuello

Make-up & hair: Sarie Verheughe (Saraye)

Model: Sarah Serneels

Photography: Nikki Lucy

Weddingplanner: Sarah Vandezande (MNT2B)



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