Romantic winter photosession in the magical city Ghent

The temperature started to drop slowly. When I exhaled, a misty cloud formed in front of me. "Perfect", I thought to myself.

I knocked on the door and was warmly welcomed by Silke & Kieran. They have such a loving energy around them, you can't help but take part in their energy when you're with them.


The intention was to shoot a cosy in house session and go for a walk in the beautifully lit city Ghent for some more photos. I suggested that it might be a fun idea to (try to) make cookies. If they didn't turn out great, we'd still have fun and the photos would be cute. If they turn out amazing, then that's a double win!

They started gathering all the ingredients they could find in the kitchen. They quickly realised that they didn't have a scale, so they decided to wing it. (Spoiler alert, the cookies miraculously turned out GREAT!)


Afterwards we strolled through Ghent, enjoying all the pretty lights the city hung up. It was quite chilly, but Kieran & Silke quickly started showing their best dancemoves and turned on the heat!


Coming back to the boat, they warmed up in front of their wooden fireplace. They exchanged christmas gifts they bought for each other.
Everything felt so wholesome about this, I cannot even put it into words. But I can put it into pictures! Scroll through and enjoy. Merry Christmas everyone! 


Would you like to book me for a cosy in house session? Feel free to send me a message and we'll create some magic! 💛

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