First magazine publication!

I've returned from the dead! 

Starting my own business while I'm still studying and trying to maintain a vibrant personal life as well, resulted that I didn't have a lot of time left to keep this blog alive. But in between my travels and assignments over the summer, I plan to give a big boost to this part of my website.


So let me start with telling you guys that 2018 was the year in which I first got published in a magazine! Becoming a published photographer is something I have always dreamed of, so it feels so good to reach this milestone.

The magazine I collaborated with to create not only the cover, but an entire fashionspread + the portraits of the interviewees, is the Gentrepreneur Magazine. Gentrepreneur is an organisation based in Ghent that helps young entrepreneurs with their business. They contacted me, because they wanted to make a fashionspread for Gentrepreneurs, by Gentrepreneurs. So all the clothes, accessories, make-up & hair, models, photographer,.. The entire team was part of the Gentrepreneur Community. It was a great shoot day, and even better oppertunity to network with fellow young entrepreneurs of my hometown. 


You can find the link to the online magazine here, and the paper version down at the Gentrepreneur headquarters!

Here are a few shots of the fashionspread:


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