Family christmas session with Elke, Joey & Pros

About a month before christmas I received a message from Elke, asking if I'd be willing to shoot her dog Pros to use as a christmas card. The ideas she had were absolutely adorable & I was super excited to shoot this concept. I suggested to shoot a family session next to the postcard photos, so they had a few photos of themselves as well. 


So we taped a dozen meter of christmas lights to the bedroom wall, hung some christmas decoration & we convinced Pros to wear a christmas hat. We shot some adorable photos in a few minutes, since Pros' attention span isn't that big. Here are the finished photos:

Afterwards we went for a little drive, looking for a good location. We bumped into a pine tree field where the christmas trees were still quite little & it was simply perfect. Elke & Joey are by far the most easy couple to take beautiful photos of because their eyes just say love when they look at eachother. 

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