Emma for the Venus series

This is Emma, and this was the first time she posed in front of a camera. Eventhough she was a little embarrassed in the beginning, she quickly became relaxed and she did a wonderful job!


We did a photo session for a project called Venus series I am working on at the moment. It is about showing that real women with real bodies can look just as beautiful as photoshopped models. And I am so grateful for these beautiful people that allow me into their intimate personal bubble to take photos.


All I want to accomplish with this series is making normal beautiful woman comfortable in their own skin and show them that they too can look like a goddamn model, without all the photoshop work and studio equipment. 

I am still looking for a location to temporarely hang this series as a gallery. So if you know a place that is fit for this series, please let me know! Here are some results of Emma's session.

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