Get to know the person behind the camera!

As a first blogpost I wanted to share some random facts about your favourite photographer! (hihi)
I think it's quite important for you, as a client, to really know who you are hiring. If you don't think so, you can just skip this blogpost and go right to the next one for a look at my portfolio! Alright, let's get started.


I am born and raised in a beautiful city called Ghent, in Belgium. It's a city with a rich history and beautiful medieval buildings. Everytime I walk into the city center I discover a new location to shoot, because this city never stops amazing me.

At the moment I am studying to collect a bachelor in journalism with a focus on video. I still have a year and a half to go, which also means that I can work as a student entrepreneur until then. Because of this I do not have to pay as much taxes, this way I can offer really low prices, for high quality work. Since my study focuses on video, I am practising in becoming a videographer as well, so I can offer videography in addition to photography.  


My natural haircolour is ginger. Yes, you read it, i have gingeritis. I got tired of it a long time ago and I've dyed my hair ever since. Red, black, green, purple, you name a colour and I probably had it as a haircolour for a month or so. At the moment I am a blonde, but I'll probably turn to dark purple soon. So if you see a young woman trying to walk around a wedding as quiet as possible but with hair so bright it cannot go unnoticed, it's probably me.


I am a very social person. I love to connect with interesting people and exchange experience so we can learn from one another. I can be a blabbermouth sometimes but usually I know when to shut up, don't worry! I honestly think that as a photographer you have to be quite social and able to entertain your clients, in that way the person in front of the camera losens up and acts more open and natural. That's why I always try to turn my clumsiness into something funny. In that way I can hopefully capture a beautiful spontaneous smile and that is in the end the reason why I love to do this.


The music I mostly listen to is hardcore. Not the Thunderdome kind, but rather the metal kind. If you checked out the music section on this website you already know that I originally started out as a concertphotographer, mainly in that genre. That way I could combine my two passions, and it allowed me to grow a lot as a photographer. I have already worked with amazing artists and organisations over the years and I am nothing but grateful for that. 


Travelling is a big part of the way I live my life. I grew up in a travelling family that took every chance they got to explore the globe. I continue to live this way, and try to hop over the border every two months when my studies and assignments allow this. I've had the chance to travel for a wedding last summer and I absolutely loved the fact that I got to combine my passion ofr photography and travelling. I hope to do more assignments like this in the future!


I think this was about it, a few random facts about yours truly! I hope you enjoyed this personal blogpost, because this will probably be the only one. I am planning to blog about the stories of people in front of my camera, about the projects I am working on, tips & tricks for photographers and people looking for a photographer, and so on. 


Thank you for reading! 

Nikki Lucy

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