Tales of ephyra

This series is very special to me. I've created this as a final series to present to the jury in order to graduate as a photographer in 2016. I've wanted to make this kind of storytelling project for a long time and I already had all these kind of characters and settings in my mind. This series was also the very first time I worked intensely with models (and friends who I thought would fit the character) and learned how to give instructions and guide the person in front of the camera if they aren't so comfortable. I hope you like the concepts, and even though I am working on a rather sober series at the moment (check out Venus Series!) I love shooting storytelling and fairytale concepts. So if you would like a concept shoot of yourself as a fairytale character, I probably have the perfect outfit for you in my eccentric shoot garderobe to work out something beautiful! So feel free to send me a message, and let's create magic together!