Why would you hire me?

Get ready, there's a quick elevator pitch coming your way!


Photosession of couple in love photoshoot in Ikea bed portrait

I care a great deal about good communication


We firstly meet during a get-to-know-eachother meet-up. A nice chat over a cup of coffee where we discuss your wishes and vision! If you decide to hire me (yay!), I will first and foremost make the contract that describes how I work. Because clear communication makes good friends! I will also send you a wedding guide filled with valuable tips & tricks to plan your big day and what you can expect from me.

In love couple during golden hour in Antwerpen Kalmthoutse Heide photosession photoshoot

I work superduper fast


You can usually expect to receive your online gallery within two weeks, three weeks tops. I could deliver within the week, but I am personally convinced that looking at the final set with a fresh eye is more worth it than staring blank at the photos and sending them right after. Albums are usually delivered within a month! During our photosession I will always make sure to shoot quickly, so the shoot stays fun. Everyone has a peak & I make sure I got what I need before anyone goes beyond that point. Usual couple sessions don't take longer than an hour with me.

Belgian couple during photoshoot in Antwerp

Your personal happy helper

See me as an additional weddingplanner. Any questions or doubts? Come to me & I will certainly be able to help you! 
After having captured over 50 weddings (traditional & crazy as f***), I kinda know what's going on.

I will send you a complete wedding guide that will help you along the way. The guide is filled with timing tips, amazing vendors & even a wedding checklist with deadlines!

Portrait in Belgium by Belgian photographer

I'm quite fun, actually.

Not to brag, but I am definitely not bad company. I tend to make people feel really comfortable around me & that is a great feature to have as a photographer. I'm also an alltime optimist & make a lot (probably too much) of jokes. Why do you think all my couples are smiling on photos I take?

When I photograph you, I don't see you as a client. Connections is what gives our life meaning and that is also what I try to accomplish during shooting. Capturing the connection between you two and to connect with you so it seems more like friends having fun, than a job!


Full photo & video extravaganza

  • 'Save the date'-video

  • One videographer & one photographer
    present from the very start to finish. (+- 14h)
    Everything from getting ready until eveningparty will be covered

  • All edited images in high resolution
    Colour and Black & White

  • A cinematic aftermovie
    of the hightlights with music of +- 10 minutes within three weeks

  • Full ceremony on video
  • All speeches on video

  • Luxurious, professional photo album
    30x30cm - 60 pages
  • Two parent photo album
    20x20cm - 60 pages
  • One print
    40x60cm canvas or forex

  • Get-to-know-eachother conversation

4500 incl. travelfee within Belgium

Full day photo & video


  • One videographer & one photographer
    Present from the very start to finish. (+- 14h)
    Everything from getting ready until eveningparty will be covered
  • All edited images in high resolution, 
    Colour and Black & White

  • A cinematic aftermovie
    of the hightlights with music of +- 10 minutes within three weeks

  • Get-to-know-eachother conversation






€2800 incl. travelfee within Belgium

Destination wedding in Mexico by Belgian photographer in Playa Del Carmen in resort

Destination wedding

(A wedding in another country than Belgium) 

  • Present from start to finish on the weddingday. (14h)
    Everything from getting ready until eveningparty will be covered.
  • You receive +- 450 edited images in high resolution withing three weeks.
  • A photosession on the location
    a few days before/after the wedding with just the two of you.
  • Get-to-know-eachother conversation
  • All travelexpenses are covered (within Europe)


Photobooth on Belgian wedding in Sint-Niklaas

Diamond wedding


  • Present from the very start to finish. (+- 14h)
    Everything from getting ready until eveningparty will be covered
  • A photobooth
    Present for one hour during the evening.
  • +- 400 edited images in high resolution
    Delivered within 3 weeks.
  •  An engagement session
    Takes place a few months before the wedding
  • Get-to-know-eachother conversation

 €1500 excl. travelcosts

Party on Mexican destination wedding Playa Del Carmen on the beach photographer

Golden wedding


  • Present from the very start to finish. Everything from getting ready until eveningparty will be covered in the photostory. (+- 13h)
  • You receive +- 350 edited images in high resolution within three weeks.
  • Get-to-know-eachother conversation

 €1250 excl. travelcosts

Wedding exit in castle Gravensteen in Gent Belgium by Belgian photographer

Silver wedding


  • Present from ceremony until the first dance. (+- 9h)
  • You receive +- 250 edited images in high resolution within three weeks.
  • Get-to-know-eachother conversation

€1000 excl. travelcosts

A la carte

Second photographer




Photo album
Starts at €250


Photo booth




More info about the engagementsession:


With the Diamond Wedding; you receive an extra engagementsession. This is a photosession a few months before the wedding, so you can get used to the camera a little and already receive beautiful photos for your invitations or as decoration. Experience has showed me that this photo session helps you to relax and have fun so much more during the wedding day photoshoot, because the stress is all gone!
This engagementsession is ofcourse bookable with a different package as well!
For only 90 euro you can add this photosession to the package you chose, and you will receive +- 20 edited images of this session.

A special engagementsession guide will be send to you a few weeks before the photosession to prepare you. This guide can help you with outfit tips or picking a location that suits you best. Don't worry, I got you!



More info about the photobooth:

The photobooth that is mentioned in the Diamond wedding is not an electrical photobooth. It means that I will take over a corner of the venue and decorate it with a nice background and accessoires, where guests can come and let their crazy picture taken! 


This photobooth is also available with another package than the Diamond, for an extra fee of €200.



Looking for a make-up artist?


It is possible to book me together with a professional make-up artist! Just send me a message for the details.




Gent area

No added travelcosts

In Belgium

0,5 euro/km (calculated from Melle, one way)

Outside Belgium

0,5 euro/km (calculated from Melle) + tolcosts
planetickets + local transport & accomodation costs



The reason I create photo albums is because my photos tell a story. Some images are not so strong by itself, but put them in the right place of the album and all of the puzzle pieces come together. Your wedding photos don't belong on a screen. They disappear in a folder on a hard drive and don't really come to live. A physical album not only makes the photos come alive, it's also a great conversation starter when you have company and the album is on the coffeetable. What is more fun than bringing up memories of your special day with loved ones?


Photo albums have a soul unlike photos on a screen. At home we often ask the question: "What would you save when the house burned down?" and the answer is without a doubt:"our photo albums". In an album, photos turn into memories. And what is more precious than that?


I cannot remember how many times already I have had resend wedding photos to a couple because their harddrive crashed or a USB-stick got lost. Do you think you would ever lose a big ass, beautiful book that you look in & show to people frequently? I don't think so!




But why would you order your book with me & not with a cheaper service on the internet? Well, because you trusted me to provide you with gorgeous photos of the most important day of your life. So I think you should also trust me with giving you the best quality & experience in receiving these images!

Why would you pay more than a thousand euros for a photographer to save money on making the pictures come to live? A photographer has really expensive equipment to make the sharpest images & printing them with an online cheap service will make the sharpness dissapear and the colours inaccurate.


I have a partnership with (in my opinion) one of the best album services out there. They have expertise & passion in printing and binding photo books for many years. Reliving your day again is clearly very important to you, so let's do it right!


You have to do absolutely nothing to create your album. When receiving the gallery with photos of your photosession, you can create & order a beautiful photo album in just a few clicks! The total price of printing, binding the book and delivery to your doorstep starts at €250.