Literally everyone and every concept! Familyshoot, loveshoot, newborn, own portrait session, entrepreneurial session, blogcontent, .. Everyone is welcome!






Thank you for your interest in booking me!

If you would book a portrait session with me, I would like to set the date first. This is usually the biggest challenge, because all parties must be available at the same time. Then I would like to discuss what your wishes are and what idea you would like to work out. I like to help a little with some location suggestions, depending on your concept and desired style. During the photo session itself I would like to start with a short relaxed get-to-know-eachother meeting, so that everyone feels 100% at ease. And then the magic happens!

After a maximum of two weeks you will receive the finished photos in high quality, delivered in a nice online gallery.


Family photosession in Belgium during a photoshoot in Sint-Niklaas met fotograaf

Large session


  • If you're looking for a photo series with a large group on different locations. This can be of your family, your company, bachelorparty,... Whatever you like!
  • You receive +-50 edited images in high resolution.
  •  The shoot will take between 2 & 3 hours.



€250 excl. travelcosts

Portraitsession in Belgium during photoshoot with couple and Belgian photographer in Brussels

Small session


  • If you're looking for a photo series of just you, maybe with your partner or even your pet! 
  • You receive +- 20 edited images in high resolution.
  •  The shoot will take between 1 & 2 hours.


€150 excl. travelcosts

Model photosession in Ghent Belgium during a photoshoot with a photographer in Gentbrugse Meersen

Mini session


  • For people in need of a few up to date photos for social media, your resume or Linkedin. 
  • You receive +-5-7 edited images in high resolution.
  •  The shoot will take 30 minutes- 1 hour.


€90 excl. travelcosts


Purchased material especially for the photo session may possibly be charged.

With every booked shoot an advance payment of half the package price is requested. More about this in the contract.



As an event photographer I work with a different system: I charge 35 euros /hour excl. VAT costs or transportation fees. Per hour you can count on + - 15 finished photos or +- 1 minute of video.


Other formulas apply to assignments with publicity objectives. For this you can personally contact me as a company for a tailor-made offer.